The 2014 Declare Detroit Slate

Declare Detroit, led by a Steering Team of engaged residents and backed by 17,000+ supporters, is committed to supporting and electing progressive leaders who will be accountable to helping move Detroit forward.

Today we announce a 2014 Primary election slate of 15 endorsements for this years State House, State Senate and Wayne County Executive offices.

Declare Detroit is backing candidates with strong records of community leadership and proven abilities to find solutions instead of pointing fingers when it comes to making Detroit stronger, more inclusive and equitable for all.

2014 Slate

Please support these candidates by contributing to our Political Action Committee (PAC). Since 2013, over $12,000 has been contributed to these promising future leaders committed to moving Detroit forward, guided by the principles of the Detroit Declaration. 

Please help us expand our impact by contributing today.

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About the Detroit Declaration

Drafted in 2010, the Detroit Declaration outlines twelve principles for a more prosperous city and region. The document calls all citizens to advocate for leaders and policies that promote a greater, healthier, more vibrant and livable city, with core issues including: quality of place, sustainability, economic diversity, transportation alternatives, government accountability, and regional thinking. 

About the Declare Detroit PAC

The Political Action Committee was established in 2012 to support candidates who are committed to moving Detroit forward. In 2013, the PAC focused its resources on the 2013 Detroit City Council election, supporting 7/10 eventual winners.

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