Council Meeting May 6th

Your Declare Detroit fellow had an engagement at 9 and was a touch late, so we missed the first part of the session. As such it was a rather short session and a pretty uneventful one. UPD



  1. PUBLIC COMMENT- There was a slightly smaller contingent of commenters than last week imploring the council to vote no if they were given an opportunity to, on the paln of adjustment. But they were armed with same arguments and the same visible anger at the injustice. Pensioner after pensioner expressed their outrage at the promises being broken and in essence told the council that they had no choice, but to fight tooth and nail against the plan. A nice positive from the public comment was that a citizen through some unsolicited love on Scott Benson’s “Employment Extravagranza” noting that it was a great success.
  2. EXPENIDTURES, CONTRACTS, AND LICENSES- The city council deliberated over several expenditures, approving a wide variety of contracts from everything from lighting consulting, to polling election services. 
  3. BELLE ISLE UPDATE- Brenda Jones gave the council an update on the Belle Isle situation. There was a certainly a cooling down after the outrage of last Tuesday’s session. Member Jones pledged that she would continue to work with state officials on rectifying the situation.
  4. MEMBER REPORTS- Member Castaneda-Lopez gave a heartfelt comment on the senseless violence that overshadowed the joy of the Cinco de Mayo parade. She explained the situation and joined in mourning the young man’s life. 
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